About Mrs. R

2016-01-15 15.48.46

Thanks for stopping by!

I’m a retired paralegal/business owner and a middle-aged, hippy with an attitude! I’m also a freelance writer, artist, music lover, foodie, wife, mother and I make a pretty awesome best friend too!

My mission? Simplify my Life. Be Healthier. Be Happier.

Join me on my journey through midlife! Hopefully I will inspire you to live simply, be healthier and be happier!



Here I am at the Folly Beach Crab Shack feasting on my favorite food in the whole world raw oysters! These oysters are a sustainable product sourced by Backman’s Seafood Local Oysters, Folly Beach, SC. I know … this is not a very flattering photo but it’s real … the real me eating “real food!”

Oh and that beer you see sitting in front of me … that’s real too! It keeps me sane while riding this wild train we call Life!

Yep, I’m guilty …. and satisfied after 6 dozen of those little yummy ocean gems! I did it!


And Mr. R …. well he has finally warmed up to the idea and craves these yummy raw oysters! That day he had his doubts LOL!


Here’s Mr. R relaxing after a run down the falls at the Saluda River. I think I need to get him a new river hat huh?!


Well, there you have it we are real people, living in the real world just like you!

I look forward to Simplifying Life with you!

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