Visit Pho Viet, Columbia SC’s Truly Authentic Pho Restuarant!

This is NOT a sponsored post. The opinions contained herein are my own.

I am in love with Asian cuisine! So much so, that I could easily survive in any Asian country and not starve, LOL. However, this is one cuisine that I have not been able to master as far as culinary skills go. I try and try but it just does not taste the same as the restaurant version.

Mr. R will ask, “what restaurant would you like to go to for date night?” My answer is always and I do mean always, Asian. Anything Asian. Mr. R is not an Asian cuisine connoisseur. He looks at the menu as if it was actually written in an Asian dialect, scratches his head and asks, “So, what will I like?” My answer, pretty much not a thing except stir fry. He’s a meat and potatoes man and would certainly die of starvation in any Asian country… LOL

Unfortunately, he no longer asks me to pick a restaurant choice and we usually go to a local steakhouse which is our fav. I have decided to spare him from my Asian cuisine excursions and tend to venture out to new restaurants on my own at lunch time.

On this day, I chose to go to Pho Viet located in Five Points in Columbia, SC. I have been wanting to try this restaurant for quite sometime and I finally made it!

Pho Viet has a casual dining ambiance. It’s clean, small and totally indicative as to what I would imagine a Pho restaurant would be in Vietnam. When you walk in, the smell of their very flavorful broths permeates the air. Your mouth starts to water before you even sit down.

They have quite an extensive menu so I suggest you study it online before even going. You could be there for hours just trying to make up your mind. Left with the temptation to just order 1 of everything on the menu.

On this day, I chose Tom Hoa Tien (Crispy Shrimp Rolls w/onion and carrot) as an appetizer and Mi Do Bien (Seafood Combo Noodle Soup w/Yellow Noodles). My lunch partner, my nephew who is an aspiring connoisseur of all cuisines Auntie loves, chose Con Suon Heo Nuong (BBQ Pork Chop w/Steamed Rice).

Note: Pho is not Pho if it contains anything other than beef or chicken. Just for you folks out there who are newbies to Pho.

The Tom Hoa Tien where amazingly crispy, crunchy and flavorful. It was served with a wonderful Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce. The Mi Do Bien was excellent! I mean excellent! The broth had a depth of flavor that you wouldn’t expect from a seafood broth. It was packed full of shrimp, crab and fish. Top that off with sliced jalapenos, crispy, fresh bean sprouts, cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice and you have heaven in a bowl!

My nephew’s Con Suon Heo Nuong was just as excellent. The pork chop was flavorful, moist and tender. The steamed rice was as sticky as you would imagine. He was delightfully surprised at all the flavors.

The service and staff were extremely friendly and accommodating. The prices were competitively priced and for $12.00 a person you can eat your fill and have leftovers the next day. I call this a two-fer.

If you plan to visit Columbia, SC, I highly suggest dining at Pho Viet. This is the only truly authentic Pho restaurant in the area. You will not be disappointed!

Pho Viet is located at 211 Devine Street, Columbia, SC. Their phone number is (803) 779-4077.

Have you experienced a bowl of truly authentic Pho? Have you mastered Asian cuisine?

See you in the comments,


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