5 Emotions Necessary to Find Your Wings Again

Some women find themselves as empty-nesters, no longer having to focus on raising children, school projects or soccer practice. Some find themselves as grandparents with the joy of spoiling that baby and sending her/him home so Momma and Daddy can do all the parental worrying. Some find themselves in a state of loneliness, their lives feeling empty, not knowing how to NOT “caregive.”
Some women simply have forgotten how to truly focus on themselves. These women forgot that prior to marriage, children and adult life they, too, had dreams and goals they wished to accomplish. They forgot who they were, they set all their original desires and dreams aside to take care of their families. They simply forgot about dreams and goals.
Once a woman arrives at a point where her menopausal symptoms have been controlled and sanity returns, she begins to reflect on the aftermath of her life. She begins to discover the 5 emotions that are necessary to find her wings again.

  • You become stronger and more confident,
  • You begin controlling your life and claiming your rights
After decades of caretaking, you finally feel the rollercoaster has stopped. You begin to focus on you and your life.
Now, while this can be a good point for you, it may not be a good point for everyone else in your life. Your husband may see changes in the way you take care of the home or how you start to delegate household tasks. For example, “I’ve done the dishes for the last 20 years I think it’s time for you start taking over the kitchen chores.”
Your children will certainly notice a difference when they call with a specific problem and you kindly reply,” you’re a big girl now, I know you have the common sense to figure it out for yourself.” Instead of the usual, “Honey, don’t fret, I’m going to stop what I am doing. I will be over to handle this for you.”
Your friends, who once knew you as the “yes” girl suddenly finds you to be the “no” girl. You are no longer the one who always says “yes” … you have garnered the knowledge in the power to say “no”. This utterly baffles them.
You get in touch with those things that were so important to you in the beginning of your life, your love of art, or music. You wanted to travel the world and travel you will. You become determined to accomplish all the goals you originally set out to accomplish. Once you have set your mind to something, there is very little that you will allow to get in your way. You will remain resolute in your decisions.
Sense of Self
You start to bask in your feeling of identity. You embrace your uniqueness and self-direction. You know where you want to go on this part of your journey.
You also begin to look at spirituality through different eyes. You reconnect with your higher being and truly see the world with rose colored glasses. The beauty of everything that is before you.
Being Unapologetically Yourself
This is clearly my favorite one. You no longer feel the need to explain yourself for being who you are. You no longer have patience for idle chatter, or a squabble between friends vying for attention. You find yourself being very blunt and to the point with your family,  replying to their problems and predicaments in a simplistic and direct tone no longer willing to lead them by the hand and soothe their little souls.


Finding Importance in Healthy Lifestyle Changes

This probably should be number 1 on the list. You are doing this anyway to alleviate your physical symptoms. I listed it here because after you have discovered the items above, you realize that this has to be a change of lifestyle not a diet per say for menopausal symptoms.
You have to keep up your health in order to accomplish all of the things you deem important to you on this part of your journey. Who wants to end up in a hospital bed, disabled or just down right sick when you wanted to experience Italy, write your first book, or take long walks on the beach? I don’t … that is the reason healthy changes need to be lifestyle changes. Without, those changes you’re setting yourself up for disaster in one of the most powerful and uplifting times in your life.  
Have you experienced these 5 emotions at this time of your life? Would you have anything to add to this list?
See you in the comments,

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