Baby, I Refuse To Adult Today! I’m Thrilled To Be Coloring!

Have you heard about the newest craze? Adult Color Books! Can you believe it?!

When I was a child I would whittle away hours coloring. I believe this is where I was first bitten by the creative bug that I have carried throughout my life. After, growing out of the coloring phase of childhood, I took to painting in acrylics, doodling in my journals, all the way to creating my own embroidery patterns for my very stylish, hip hugger, bell bottom jeans. I may have looked like a giant flowering vine in those jeans but Hey! It was the 70’s and they were cool. I even had my rocker friends in bands want me to design their stage garb.

Here I am, a million years later, rediscovering my love of coloring.

Why do I enjoy my adult coloring books? Well, in answer to that question, I must say it’s the act of coloring I enjoy. Mindlessly putting my colored pencils to page creating beautiful, colorful pictures. I even went so far as to frame a few of my better works.

I have been reading about the actual therapeutic benefits of adult color books.

Sarah Deaver, president of the American Art Therapy, told the Boston Globe that it’s a relaxing hobby or distraction from everyday life. It creates an object of focus, creates something beautiful and satisfying.

I do believe this world could use a little more beauty and self-satisfaction, don’t you?


Cathy A. Malchiodi, PhD posted to Psychology Today that coloring is not meditation or mindfulness–it’s coloring.

I agree with Dr. Malchiodi. While the act of coloring can be calming, enjoyable and satisfying. I do not believe that it actually replaces the centuries old practice of mindfulness and meditation.

As an artist, I feel the act of imagination, creating a thing of beauty from your own mind, from your own awareness, with your own two hands, from the very depths of your soul, that’s mindful and meditative.

I believe that coloring is a way to quiet your mind using focus. It helps to alleviate the “mind chatter” we all experience at the end of a busy day. The beautiful colors you use make you feel happy or calm, which ever you need to experience at that time.

Coloring can be compared to reading a good book before bedtime. A distracter of sorts. A way to re-focus your mind for a more peaceful nights sleep.

The act of coloring may not be the way to beat your anxiety, reduce your stress, or aide you in your mental health, but it does create a distraction for the mind, a way to focus and regroup.

On that note, I will continue to color for the small stuff. When it comes to the big stuff, I will create either using my love of painting or my love of writing.

Have you been tried coloring? What effect does the act of coloring have on you?

See you in the comments,


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