A Walkabout at Mepkin Abbey

If there is one thing in life that I can honestly say I live for it would be traveling. I really enjoy taking day trips to find new adventures in my general locale. On one such day trip I was drawn to Mepkin Abbey.

On that particular day, I was feeling a little lost and needed some breathing room to re-center myself. Mepkin Abbey was just the place to fulfill that need.

The Cooper River from the Nancy Bryan Luce Gardens
The Nancy Bryan Luce Gardens are absolutely breathtaking. As you walk down the paths you get a very serene feeling of peace, love and spirituality. It was the perfect place to take a walkabout.

Mepkin Abbey is located in Moncks Corner, SC and sits at the edge of the Cooper River. It is free to walk the gardens and a guided tour of the Mepkin Abbey Church is a nominal fee of $5.00. Tour times are at 11:30am and 3:00pm.

On that day, I did not take the tour of the Mepkin Abbey Church. Instead, I spent several hours visiting the gardens and embracing the serene feeling of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a wonderful place to just take a deep breath and recharge.

Mepkin Abbey is a community of Roman Catholic Monks who belong to the worldwide Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance popularly known as Trappist. They follow the Rule of St. Benedict devoting their life to prayer, spiritual study, work and hospitality.*

A tranquil pond at the Nancy Bryan Luce Gardens
The Abbey is a self-sustaining community that is cultivated and cared for by the Monks. All the food they eat and share is grown right there on the plantation. However, I believe one of the greatest things they produce are the amazing oyster and shiitake mushrooms which they grow in their mushroom house. I couldn’t leave without purchasing both at the Mepkin Abbey Store to use in my supper plan for the evening. In addition to mushrooms, the store offers candies, preserves and creamed honey from other Trappist Abbeys. The Mepkin Abbey store is a wonderful encounter of the monastic tradition.
My personal guide makes his home among the Monks

If you are traveling through South Carolina a visit to the Abbey could be just the place to take a walk, get some fresh air and recharge for the rest of your journey.

Mepkin Abbey is located at 1098 Mepkin Abbey Rd., Moncks Corner, SC 29461. For more information you can go to Mepkin Abbey.org

Have you made special memories on a day trip?

See you in the comments!

Mrs R

*Cited in part from Mepkin Abbey.org

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