A Case of the Golden Beet!

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

This weekend while doing my weekly grocery shopping I spied this beautiful bunch of golden beets. While we are not usually beet eaters, these golden beets sang to me and I just had to pick up a small bunch and give them a try.  We have tried the typical red/purple beets and found we didn’t really like them.
Now, I know the nutritional value of beets. The pigment betalain is a key constituent and acts as an antioxidant, exhibits anti-cancer activity and is a free radical scavenger, just to name a few. A virtual powerhouse I might say. 

Note: Beets have been consumed and used for health benefits since 8th century BC Mesopotamia, wow!

The golden beet has a sweeter taste than its red/purple counterpart and a beautiful buttery texture sure to convert any non-beet eater! Like us!
In my opinion, the best way to prepare these golden jewels is a simple roasting and sprinkled with sea salt and course ground black pepper. You do not want nor need to cover up that wonderful buttery texture and taste.  

Note: While from a nutritional standpoint beets should be consumed raw it is possible to retain their value by cooking for a very short period of time. If you boil them do not exceed 15 minutes of boiling time. If roasting, do not roast any longer than an hour. Cut your beets up to shorten the time that is required for cooking. The quicker the better. 

While you can eat the beet greens (cooking technique, taste and texture is similar to that of Swiss Chard) I did not use them this time but shared our beet greens with our chickens … we only had a small bunch to play with so I decided I’d spread their nutrients to the chickens as well LOL!

I am very excited to find, yet, another wonderful addition to our real food arsenal and I’ll be serving these beauties often. They are additive, satisfying and incredibly delicious!
I’m always on the lookout for new veggies to serve my family and beat the “same ole, same ole” blues. What new veggies have you?

See you in the comments!

Mrs. R

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