Holy Moly Chicken Man! It’s a Condo!


 Today I just had to share our progress in chicken farming. My girls have become young ladies … it’s kinda sad to see them grow up so quickly … they are getting very close to laying age so Big Daddy has been working diligently at building their new coop. Well … it’s actually more than a coop, by the time he gets finished it will be a chicken condo LOL! I told him next time we fuss that I’m not sending him to the dog house I’m going to the chicken condo LOL!

I’m getting ready to switch the girls from a starter feed to a laying feed, Non-GMO, of course, everyday they get a plethora of organic kitchen scraps, their favorites being spinach, radish greens and strawberries from my garden, a bowl of whey and I let them out of the pen to forage for bugs and other chicken delicacies. They are happy, happy girls!!! 

A foraging who go!

NOTE: An interesting bit of information I picked up from a fellow farmer. Did you know that besides a healthy all natural diet, sunlight is one of the keys to getting those beautiful orange egg yolks? Yep … if you pull an egg that has been in a nesting box or barn and compared it to an egg that was laid outside in the pen area where it is subjected to sunlight the outside egg yolk will be a rich, deep orange color and the inside egg will have a lighter egg yolk.

Two stories? Yep I did say condo
They are getting their personalities and are just the sweetest little girls ever! I visit them quite a bit throughout the day to check on them. They come right up to me and let me hold them and rub their heads. It’s sooo sweet.
I really can’t express how much joy these little girls have brought to us. Big Daddy is just as enamored as me. I’m sure you can tell by the condo he’s building for them lol!
I know you’re not laughing at my
re-purposed laundry basket. My girls love it! 
The condo will even have staircases!
NOTE: All the wood that Big Daddy is using is re-purposed wood from a job site he was on. They tore down the temporary structures and saved the wood for us. Ultimately, we would like to use siding on the outer exterior and hopefully it will be leftover siding from that which we will buy to replace some boards on our house. If that doesn’t work out I am looking in to a non-toxic sealer and paint. Reuse, re-purpose, re-invent is the motto around here LOL!
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia
We have definitely caught fowl fever because Big Daddy and I have been discussing our next additions. Last night he found a local breeder with whom we may use to purchase our rooster. This breeder also has White Pekin Ducks and after a little research I’m sold! I must have a few LOL! The nutrition base for Duck is wonderful. The duck fat alone would be worth it not to mention the eggs. I’m excited!! Have you see the price of duck lately? Geeezz … this would be the only way we could afford it!

We are also discussing a few four legged critters but really haven’t decided on any thing specific. I’m kinda thinking sheep over goats but I really have to do more extensive research to see which would be a good fit for us.
Do you have four legged farm critters? If so, which ones did you find a good fit for your homestead and why? I would love to know what others have chosen! Please let me know by commenting in the section below or on our Facebook Page !
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