Nature Has All Answers: Homemade Cleansers to Homemade Toothpaste!

There is one thing I have noticed when making a real food transition … once you get in the habit of reading labels you just can’t help but read the label of every product you bring in your home. I mean EVERY label … from cleaning products to skin care products to bug repellents … EVERY label … and what do you find a bunch of “yucky stuff!” Words you can’t pronounce … chemicals identified as poisons … yep you have become so conscience about ingredients contained in your food you now start thinking about your home and hygiene products … after all … you spend a lot of time choosing, storing and preparing your “real foods” to keep you healthy you take a good look around to see what else is killing you in your house and what you find is not pretty.

In my post White Vinegar and Baking Soda, Two of My Favorite Friends! I shared some ways you can use these two natural beauties to replace the unhealthy cleaning products you are so accustom too … and in my post White Vinegar and Coconut Oil, a Lesson Taught by Poison Ivy! I shared how I was using white vinegar as a bleach and stain remover alternative in my laundry trying to eliminate the use of bleach. So far so good right … well not until the other day when I was preparing supper and used turmeric in a dish and my dish towels, well, turned yellow from the turmeric … I really hate stained dish towels I mean really hate … and when the stains didn’t come out after they were laundered I was stumped. Yeah, I could have just stuck them in the utility towel pile (you know that pile of towels you use for messy household projects or cleaning because they don’t have to look good lol) but my frugal side said, “whaaattt, dish towels are expensive … and you just bought these!” Then a bell went off! I remembered reading somewhere where hydrogen peroxide can be used as a bleach alternative! Eureka! I just purchased a large bottle of 3%, which I always keep in the house for first aid purposes, so I decided to put it to a test on my yellow streaked dish towels and used it as a pre-soak for the stains. Because my hydrogen peroxide was 3% and my dish towels are white I wasn’t concerned with fading any color other than the yellow turmeric streaks. I just poured a little on the stains, let it sit for a minute or two before throwing into the laundry, to which, I also added about ¼ cup (omitting the vinegar, I was a little leary to use both at the same time as my lovely little washer has been around for quite awhile and I’m not really into replacing her yet LOL) into the washer and voila! Extremely clean whites and no more streaked dish towels! Whhheeeeeewwww!
Now, when I think of hydrogen peroxide, I also recall many years ago my dentist suggesting that I use it as a mouth rinse. I kept biting my lip and found that it wasn’t healing up as fast as I would like because I kept biting it, accidentally, of course, lol! I know we’ve all been there so don’t laugh … okay go ahead and laugh … laughter is good medicine all on its own! But it did work at speeding up the healing of that stupid lip bite … now I’m thinking oral care … wow is there no end to all this thinking!
But this brings me to my post An Update to My Coconut Oil Science Project! where I have made coconut oil a science project for skin care and healing. I have read many, many things about homemade toothpastes and using hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth and have been very interested in incorporating some of this knowledge into my regular routine. Geeeezzz more thinking!
However, I was spared by a Dear Reader of ours and for just a few minutes took my thinking cap off … and stomped on it for good measure … just because LOL! She was very, very kind to share with me and you her recipe of homemade toothpaste! You can check out the comment section on our Facebook Page for the whole conversation I had with her.
Here is what she does:

“I’m glad to share the recipe.. I use a measuring teaspoon. It’s 5 parts calcium carbonate powder, 3 parts baking soda, 3 parts xylitol, 3 to 5 parts coconut oil, few drops mint essential oil, 5 to 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract. I just mix it all together and keep it in a tiny mason jar. Sometimes I add 1/2 part myrrh powder or clove powder or just use those essential oils instead of the peppermint. They are good for oral health. Also want to say that I really enjoy your posts!”

Well, that sounds pretty easy! I am definitely going to give it a go! I bet if I used this toothpaste recipe when I bit my lip I would have been spared the gagging reflex brought on by the bubbling hydrogen peroxide! Coconut Oil is amazing stuff! Thank you Cindy for sharing your recipe and also for the wonderful compliment!
I love writing this blog and love to hear feedback as to how I’m doing. Most of all I love all our readers and hope this blog touches your life in a positive way and helps you to make better choices for your family!
Do you have a skin care, household, first aid recipe that replaces a commercial bottle of ‘yucky stuff?” We’d love to hear about it so make sure to post it in the comment section below or on our Facebook Page !
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