Not So Traditional Multi-National Pasta … Really? Yes Really!

As many of you know I’m Not Your Average Meal Planner and yesterday I took out some handmade Irish Banger Sausage not quite knowing exactly what I was going to do with it. When it was time to start preparing supper the first thing I thought was, of course, Bangers and Mash, a traditional Irish pub dish. Nope, I was in the mood for pasta lol … and I guess you can say traditional is not in my vocabulary so the Bangers and Mash idea quickly was changed to Bangers and Pasta? Well, this is my kitchen after all and I can do what I want right so I proceeded with my Bangers and Pasta idea. I had some veggies I needed to use up, just bits of this and bits of that. So, with my trusty cast iron pan in hand I started to paint my foodie Picasso!
And … a superb foodie Picasso was created! This dish turned out simply divine. So divine that Mr. R went back for a second gigantic helping and I, myself, certainly ate well over my usual quota of pasta!

Note: Irish Banger Sausage is a mild sausage with a slightly sweet undertone. It is one of our favorites next to Andouille Sausage.

Here’s the recipe:
Makes approximately 4 servings
3 Handmade Irish Banger Sausages, removed from the casing
½ Large Organic Green Pepper, diced
3 cloves Organic Garlic, minced
½ Large Organic Sweet Onion, diced
3 Large Handfuls of Organic Spinach, washed and sliced
1 Medium Organic Zucchini, cubed
A handful of Organic Grape Tomatoes, left whole
1 TB Olive Oil
½ lb Organic Torcheitte Pasta, cooked to just before al dente, reserving 1 cup of pasta water
Generous amount of Parmigiano Reggiano, ½ grated and ½ slivered
1/2 bottle of beer or 1/2 cup homemade chicken stock for deglazing pan
1/8 tea Cayenne Pepper
Sea Salt and Pepper, to taste 

Note: I used Torcheitte pasta because of the lovely curves and funnels which allow the sauce to bind nicely with the pasta

Start pasta water to boil, once boiling add a generous amount of salt and pasta cook until just before al dente, reserve 1 cup of pasta water, drain pasta and set aside. 
  • Heat cast iron or stainless steel pan;
  • Add Olive Oil and Irish Banger Sausage cook until browned, set aside leaving drippings in pan;
  • In the same pan, add Green Peppers and cook slowly until just about tender;
  • Add Sweet Onion and cook slow until lightly caramelized;
  • Add Garlic and sauté slightly with peppers and onions;
  • Add Cayenne Pepper and Black Pepper and roast for a few seconds;
  • Add handful of Grape Tomatoes;
  • Deglaze pan with ½ a bottle of beer or ½ cup Homemade Chicken Stock making sure to scrape the bottom of the pan to loosen that yummy goodness;
  • Return Irish Banger Sausage to pan along with cooked Pasta, cubed Zucchini and sliced Spinach;
  • Add some, if not all of the reserved pasta water, stir and cover for about 3 to 5 minutes allowing the Zucchini to tender and the Spinach to wilt, do not overcook the Zucchini you do not want mush you want tender bits
  • Add grated Parmigiano Reggiano and let sit for another few minutes to allow the pasta to absorb most of the liquid

Serve garnished with slivered Parmigiano Reggiano and if you’re like us add a little more grated cheese to taste!
This dish will delightfully tingle your taste buds with the essence of Italy, Ireland and Germany in every bite!
Do you have a not so traditional recipe you’d like to share?

See you in the comments!

Mrs. R

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