I’m a New Momma! A Chicken Momma That Is!

Yep! That’s Big Daddy with his new Baby Girl riding home on his shoulder! It was tooo funny!

I was very excited to bring our new baby chicks home over the weekend. Oh what fun we had … building their pen and chicken run. Of course, I believe this project will be forever ongoing as I want them to have as much space as we can provide as well as letting them out to forage on our property.
I have been doing a lot of research and while years ago Big Daddy kept an aviary we do have some experience raising poultry. I’ve looked into what “real food” alternatives to feed them for nutritious egg production as well as excellent grass-fed, pastured meat and find the whole process of permaculture fascinating. Well, I say that now … we haven’t made it to the slaughter part yet. I’m certain that will be a chore for Big Daddy alone!
These are 5 of my 7 babies having a grand time foraging for their first time!
We started with Golden Sex Link females, for their egg production and size for meat eating after they no longer lay eggs, and plan on getting a rooster next spring for breeding purposes. 

While doing my research, I’m finding that even urban dwellers are beginning to raise their own backyard chickens for fresh eggs and meat eating.  While there are city restrictions in some areas, I found that a lot of cities are allowing at least hens to be raised in the backyard, but, some restrict roosters. Roosters can be mean and even harmful to their hens, owners and children.
I do consider myself very lucky in the fact that I have 3 acres in the country and plenty of room for my hens and will build a separate pen for breeding. I also see a few more family members being added like a goat maybe lol but for now I’ll stick to my chickens and will enjoy every delightful moment.
I do have to say, I think the thing that excited me the most this weekend was seeing how those little buggers made Big Daddy very happy! He has missed his aviary! Unfortunately, Big Daddy’s aviary met its demise by a blood thirsty pit bull who literally slaughtered every single bird he had. It was heartbreaking the following morning to go out to feed the birds and found Jonestown, the day after, instead. That was 10 years ago and Big Daddy refused to start another aviary, it just brought tears to his eyes.
But, this weekend we were both all smiles like proud new parents and I’m surprised Big Daddy didn’t break out the cigars!
Do you raise chickens? What do you feed your chickens? Do you have any chicken raising tips or tricks? I’d love to hear your comments below!

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