Bunless Burgers and Pasta Salad Oh My!

Eureka! I finally remembered to take a photo prior to gobbling up our dinner LOL!

Last night I made Bunless Burgers from grass-fed beef, blue cheese crumbles and topped with a caramelized organic onion slice and Pasta Salad made using 100% organic semolina pasta (We still don’t like whole wheat or whole grain pastas so we’re sticking with our 100% organic semolina for now), organic onions, celery, peas and garlic along with farm fresh hard boiled eggs. Oh My! It was delish!

While I usually serve more veggies with dinners this meal was just for Big Daddy. I wanted to give him something special because tonight he will once again be a victim of my Lal Dal. The first time I made Lal Dal it wasn’t a very successful dish but Big Daddy forged away stoically. However, I have been experimenting a little and I think this time I will finally get it right!

The reason I have been trying to conquer Lal Dal is because Big Daddy and I don’t like beans. Every week we have been experimenting with different bean to see which ones we may take a liking to and so far red lentils have been it. Well, it will be it once I get the Lal Dal recipe perfected LOL! Oh and please don’t tell Big Daddy what’s for supper. It’s a secret …. Shhhh

I’ll be posting a follow up about our Lal Dal experience tonight so keep your fingers crossed that I succeed!

What type of beans does your family like? Do you have any great bean recipes you’d like to share?

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