Another Fantastic Friday Shopping Day!

I just love my Friday shopping days! As usual, I started at Earth Fare, which I love, love, love, and scored a Free Pound of Organic Red Bartlett Pears from their weekly coupon found on their website and also a Free Pound of Ground Chuck which I received from a text coupon I received for their “Feed Your Phone” text coupons. You can get more information about Earth Fare’s Coupons by reading my post Weekly Sales Spotlight.

I was also excited to find a great 8oz block of organic, grass fed mild cheddar cheese for $4.99. Big Daddy and I have been on a search for an inexpensive real food cheddar cheese, which happens to be Big Daddy’s fav and when I came across this block I was very excited! 

Then off to The Fresh Market where I picked up a few unadvertised specials such as Organic Broccoli for $1.98/lb, Organic Green Onions 88cent a bunch and Organic Boston Lettuce 2/$5.00! As a side note: I spied a roadside stand that Cottle Strawberry Farm has set up directly across the street from The Fresh Market. So next weekend, if you’re in the market for local farm fresh strawberries and can’t make it to their U-Pick make sure you stop by!
Jamie has also been shopping around town and he has found some very good specials and prices for organic produce at Bi-Lo and Piggly Wiggly so if Earth Fare and The Fresh Market are too far for you to travel check out your local Bi-Lo and Piggly Wiggly!
What were your Real Food scores this week?

One thought on “Another Fantastic Friday Shopping Day!

  1. jamie says:

    Good evening readers. I just have to tell you about how easy it is to make a change from processed chemically treated foods to natural. I was at Bi-Lo tonight and was looking for Broccoli. When I went to the fresh vegetable section I found regular Broccoli that has been chemically treated for $2.49 for a bunch of 3 stalks. Right next to it in the Organic section was 3 stalks of Organic Broccoli for $ 2.69 so for $0.20 more I found Organic Broccoli. Now I ask you is paying $0.20 more now worth the thouands of dollars you will pay in health care after eating all of the chemicals our Non-Organic vegetables are produced with. It is just that simple. You should always keep in mind what is more important to you. Keeping your family health by eating all natural food or pay the price in HIGH medical bills later. Just a thought. Let us know what you think.


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