My Humble Opinion, Hunger Hits Home

Wow! I have to say I am very sad that child hunger has hit home here in America. It actually makes me tear up every time I hear that a child HAS to go without food. Being a parent myself, I would have been totally devastated if I couldn’t provide food for my child. My heart would have broken in two and I would have considered myself a total failure regardless of the circumstances that brought me to that point.

Today, we, parents, have been living in a depressed society combating rising unemployment, higher gas prices, rising food costs, mortgage foreclosures and homelessness. The sad part, it’s our children who it effects the most, the future leaders of our country. They are forced in the middle of family stress related to financial problems, lack of food due to rising food costs, collapsing public school education and ultimately can end up on the streets, in gangs or as drug abusers … why?

I believe that Americans have gotten away from the ways of our forefathers. Family dinners are ghosts of the past, real food has become undefinable, quality time is nonexistent, families are forced into living on 2 incomes out excess. Yes, I said excess …. we are a society of excess, a society of convenience, we are a society that no longer thinks for itself.

It is time for us, the American people, to make changes. It is our responsibility to make a change for ourselves and, most importantly for our children, our future leaders. It’s time get back to basics …. the basic traditions of our parents and grandparents. Back in my day, there was always a parent manning the homefront making sure healthy “real” meals where prepared, homework was done, children where listened too and guided into adulthood with experience, faith and tradition.

It’s time to scale down the excess in our lives and in our homes, it’s time to step out of our convenient zone, it’s time to whip out our power of consumerism and demand change.

I think every single American needs to watch “Hunger Hits Home”, Saturday, April 14th at 8:00pm. 

While our soldiers, defenders of our country, are deployed to keep peace in our world and our country safe from harm, it is our responsibility as citizens to stand and defend the people our soldiers risk their lives for. How sad they must feel when after returning from the fields to find their country falling apart despite their continued efforts to keep us free and safe.  The children they fight for hungry and without food.

What can you do, you ask? 

Well, first change starts at the home front … the front lines (as our soldiers would refer to them):

  • Determine what your excess is … I know for a fact that all people have excess materialistic goods, i.e. clothing, shoes, kitchen appliances, televisions, and the list can go on and on … gather your excess and have a yard sale, donate the proceeds to organizations such as Share Our Strength.
  • Step out of your convenience zone …. stop providing convenience (processed, artificial, genetically modified) foods for your family, start reading labels, make better “real food” choices, be pro-active in your school’s lunch program. Stop relying on fast foods and food industry restaurants and get back to home cooked meals and for the occasional dinner out seek out “real food” restaurants such as Lell’s Café in Rock Hill or instead take place in events such as Harvest Dinner hosted by City Roots, @116 Wine and Espresso Bar and The Southern Greenie right here in Columbia.
  • Lastly, it’s time for us to think for ourselves and start spending our dollars to promote change. Vote with our dollars, start purchasing from farmers, farmer’s markets, buy locally through whole foods store. Stop buying in excess and use those dollars to advocate quality time with your family. Reorganize your family priorities and live through love, family, faith and necessity. 

So my dear readers, before you slam me for my opinions (which are still free I believe), please view the trailer below for “Hunger Hits Home” and then watch this all encompassing documentary Saturday, April 14th at 8:00pm with kleenex in hand. Then take the No Kid Hungry Pledge below. It’s our responsibility to ourselves, our children and our soldiers!

    2 thoughts on “My Humble Opinion, Hunger Hits Home

    1. jamie says:

      I hope that every one that reads this post will take it to heart and look at this growing problem in our country. Look at your community and your neighborhoods. Most of us never even take the time to think about the children that are going hungry tonight. Please join us in supporting No Kid Hungry. Every child deserves a fighting chance.


    2. Carolyn says:

      Your post should be read by everyone it is so true our country has concerned it self with hunger in other nations wake up people we have starving children in on backyard. Today schools are filling backpacks for kids on Fridays so they have something to eat on the weekends. It is a terrible thing to know our kids are going hungry. It saddens me that this country just don't seem to care. Keep up the good work Carla this is a good thing you and Jamie are doing. I will be watching “Hunger hits home tonight.” at 8:00 pm tonight. Till the next time


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