Easter Dinner and The Real Food Pioneer Challenge

Well yesterday was Easter and I know that in my home it is tradition to have a BIG EASTER DINNER.  My menu was Ham, Fresh Navy Beans, Jasmine Rice (oooo is the best) and from our blog, 5 Minutes a Day for Fresh Bread .  Oh and for the finally it was a homemade Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing with Almonds.  

I will admit that in my transition, I have not fully gotten away from the processed food yet.  I know that a lot of you will be thinking that cooking every thing fresh and with out being processed will be too time consuming.  We can not expect anyone to change their way of cooking overnight.  We have become a society of convenience.  If it is not convenient for us then we usually will say, “well it is a great idea but I just do not have the time.”  Ladies and Gentlemen that do the cooking in your home, let me tell you I understand.  I know that after a long day of work the last thing that you want to do is come home and cook everything fresh.  It is too easy to grab the pre-packaged processed can, box, or bag out of the cabinet, freezer or pantry.  Here is a hint for you, start small, make one change at a time over a period of time.  A few nights ago I did a little project to see how long it would take me to make a Real Food Pioneer meal all from fresh and wholesome food.  My Menu was:

Well the Pork Tender Loin was stuffed with fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms, a mixture of cheeses, fresh garlic and onions.  This was then wrapped in Bacon from The Fresh Market.  Well to my surprise, from start to finish I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes to make this meal.  I was pleased and proud to put this on my table.  I knew that what I was serving my family was natural and less processed food.  You see, I take care of my Aunt and Uncle that are older and I want to make sure that they eat healthy as well so they will have a better quality of life in their retirement years. 

I have a challenge you, all of our readers.  I challenge you to replace 1 of your processed items each week with a fresh alternative.  Pretty soon you will be cooking a more natural, less processed meal for your family.  Think about this, everything we hear on the news today about chemicals in our food and the dangers that we are never told about.  Did you know that certain poisons that are used on some of our process fruits, vegetables and meats are approved by the FDA.  They say it is ok to ingest these poisons.  What is that based on?  Where did these studies come from?  Think about it the next time you reached for that pre-packaged meal.  What are you really giving your family?  Please let us know how your transition goes.

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