She Shoots! She Scores! My Friday Shopping Trip!

Well I just had to stop by and let ya’ll know I had a wonderful shopping trip Friday! I just love my Friday shopping days! I started at Earth Fare, which I love, love, love, and scored free Babybel Cheese (for Big Daddy’s lunches) and a 10ct of fresh cut tulips for a dollar! The tulips made me a happy girl!

 My dollar tulips from Earth Fare!

Then off to The Fresh Market where I picked up a large container of organic strawberries for $3.98 (unfortunately I was not able to make it to the Cottle Strawberry Farm this weekend), organic red Bartlett pears for $1.98lb, and Wild Caught Cod for $7.99/lb.!  I did make a little luxury buy at The Fresh Market and picked up a container of fresh mozzarella, bocochini style, to help satiate my craving for Caprese Salad, one of my favorite salads of all time.
On Saturday, Jamie, Big Daddy and I took off to the All-Local Farmer’s Market and I scored 2 dozen pastured, farm fresh eggs from Wil-Moore Farms, some yummy oyster mushrooms from Gnome Grown Mushrooms and grass-fed beef soup bones from Swansea Beef.  Why soup bones you ask? Well, make sure you follow up with us this week for my uses, technique and recipe!
Ooo yes, I almost forgot, Friday, while we were driving from Earth Fare to The Fresh Market, which takes only 10 minutes in traffic, I spied the construction site for the new Whole Foods Market smack dab in the middle …. Yes just one more real food resource for my arsenal of savings! Whole Foods Market has weekly flyer ads and coupons right on their website and being right in the middle of 2 of my regular stops no extra gas is needed.  Now, if we get a Trader Joe’sI’ll be in real food heaven!
What were your Real Food scores this week?

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