Why Plant Organically?

I found a great article from LiveStrong.com, a trademark of The Lance Armstrong Foundation, explaining the definition of Organic Seeds. This article will aid you in making a well informed decision about choosing organic seeds for your herb and vegetable gardens. 

Photo Credit Seed image by Ella from Fotolia.com
Read the Definition of Organic Seeds

Here are few other useful resources concerning organic gardening and seeds.
Intensive organic gardening offers a means to produce large quantities of fresh vegetables in a small area without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. It is an excellent gardening method for city dwellers who have limited yard space and who do not wish to expose themselves, their children, or their pets to potentially dangerous chemicals. []

This database provides sources for organic seed of both agronomic and horticultural crops. Some national, mail-order suppliers of untreated seed are included, with the emphasis on small alternative seed companies offering open-pollinated vegetable, flower, and herb seed.[]

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