The Red Bugs in Your Starbucks Frappuccino?!

Image by University of Turin, Italy

In my opinion, I make a special effort to avoid any product which contain food dyes, especially with all the news circulating about the rising health concerns of food dyes, and, I don’t frequent Starbucks, a $6.00 cup of coffee equals 1 pound of grass-fed pastured ground beef, I usually opt for the grass-fed pastured ground beef in my Real Food world . But, it does leave me to wonder what other products may contain red bugs as the alternative to food dyes …. huumm … what do you think? I would love to hear! 

Here is a news article which was recently published by CBS Local: Los Angeles:

Synthetic Food Dyes Raising Health Concerns Among Doctors, Parents

Well, with all the news about those awful food dyes and now, red bugs as a natural alternative, would you consider this the be a better alternative?

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