It’s Herb Time!

Well spring has sprung and it is in full bloom.  With the beginning of April here, it is time to think about planting your garden.  My favorite spring planting is my herbs.  Ohhhhh how wonderful it is to be able to walk out into your backyard, pick your fresh herbs and fix a fabulous meal for your family.  Sure we can all go and buy the pre-packaged dried out herbs from the store but they can not come close to the flavor and sense of pride that you get from using fresh picked herbs from your own garden.  However if you live in an apartment or area with no room for a garden, then get you some nice decorative pots to plant your herbs in and put them in your kitchen window.  So get your planting beds or pots ready, find your favorite herb seeds or plants and start growing your own herbs.  Don’t be afraid to try different herbs in your meals.  Half the fun of cooking is in coming up with new and creative dishes your family will love.  We will be posting pictures of our spring gardens hope you will share yours with us as well. 

Potted herbs are perfect for the apartment dweller or for folks with a very small yard

Herb gardens make wonderful additions to your landscape. They can be planted anywhere that you would normally plant flowers, shrubs etc … or you can get creative and plant them in decorative urns and set on your porch or patio.

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