Homemade Pasta

I love and I do mean love fresh homemade pasta. The only time I was ever able to get it was in a restaurant or that stuff you buy at the grocery store. I believe it’s a Butoni product found in the deli section. However, with today’s financial challenges eating out is reserved for major celebrations and the fresh pasta in the grocery store never meets my frugal budget (not to mention the additives and preservatives it can contain, which is certainly not on my list).

I have never tried making homemade pasta until I read the post from Finding Joy In My Kitchen. All I have to say is YUM! Making the pasta dough was very, very easy and I think the only time consuming part was cutting out the pasta noodles. I’m a perfectionist so my pasta noodles had to be even, straight and look pretty. I think next time I’ll opt for a more rustic look lol.

Just follow the link below for the recipe and a great tutorial on how to make Homemade Pasta.

Photo Courtesy of Finding Joy In My Kitchen

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